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Common Questions, Quick Answers

Choose Your Channel

Selling with Spreadshirt is simple. Visit our Start Selling Page and choose the sales channel that works best for you. And remember: Spreadshirt is a completely free service.

Tip: If you have an audience and want maximum exposure, choose both sales channels to increase your revenue potential.

Once you have registered for your free account, you will enter Spreadshirt’s Partner area. If you have chosen to “Publish Your Designs on Spreadshirt”, your journey will automatically lead you down the path to selling designs in the marketplace. If you have chosen “Open Your Own Online Shop”, you will take the Shop journey. Don’t worry, you can always add other sales channels later.

1.) If are opening a Shop, the option to add the Spreadshirt Marketplace as a sales channel is the final step in the design uploading process.

2.) If you are publishing your designs on Spreadshirt, you can open your own Shop at any time by clicking the Shops icon in the left navigation pane and following the instructions.

Tip: You can add other sales channels by clicking on one of your uploaded designs on the Designs screen and editing the “Is sold here” section. Select and deselect the channels you want to add/remove.


Vector graphics can be uploaded in the following formats: .svg, .ai, .eps or .cdr. We recommend sizing your vector graphics at 11x11 in.

Pixel graphics can be uploaded in the following formats: .png (recommended), .jpg, .bmp or .gif with a recommended size of 2,000 X 2,000 pixels.

Click HERE for everything you need to know about vector and pixel graphics.

Vector graphics are for simple designs (like logos or text) made up of three or less colors with no color gradients. The final print has clean edges and a smooth, slick feel on fabric. Some products (mostly accessories) can only be printed with vector graphics.

Pixel graphics are for high-resolution, highly-detailed graphics or photographs and have no color or gradient limitations. Pixel graphics are printed digitally and have a softer look and feel on fabric.

Getting Paid

Shop Owners: automatically earn 20% of each shop sale with Spreadshirt’s Affiliate Commisson, and earn up to 40% more with the Volume Commission. The more you sell, the more you make. Click the links for commission details.

Marketplace Designers: earn the design price you set each time your design is sold in the marketplace.

Payouts occur once a month. You can keep an eye on your earnings on the main Dashboard page in the Partner Area.

You must complete 2 steps in order to get paid:

1.) Click on the User account icon in the left navigation pane. Then scroll down to the Bank details section. Choose to receive payment via your bank account or PayPal, and enter your information in the fields provided.

2.) Beneath the bank details is the Payment data & tax status field. Enter the correct information in the fields provided and submit the tax form as instructed.

Click Save in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Creating Products

In the Partner Area, click the Designs icon in the left navigation pane. Click on the design you’d like to create products with, and follow the simple 5-step process.

Tip: If you want to sell your design on multiple product collections, upload the design for each product collection you wish to sell.


Spreadshirt runs many promotions that you can offer to your customers. Promo info can be found in our Partner newsletter or in the Dashboard promo calendar. Automatically display promo info in your Shop by checking the bottom box under the Header & Colors section of your Edit Shop options.

Tip: Your commission is not affected by promotions.

Styling Your Shop

Click the Shops icon in the left navigation pane. Then click the Edit button for the Shop you’d like to customize. You can change the entire look of your Shop— from its color scheme to the header image to the layout.

Tip: Activate the T-Shirt Designer and earn a commission anytime a customer buys something created in your Shop.

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