Templates realize finished products faster

Save precious time and use the template function when setting up your products. Automate individual work steps such as product/ color selection and placing/scaling designs to create products faster. 

How does it work?

Always keep your target group in mind when using the template function. If you e.g. specialize in designs for kids, the template function is a real efficiency boost. It lets you combine recurring steps in one click: selecting products and colors, and determining the size and position of your design on the product. With the right template, you can design a complete kids’ collections in one go: from rompers, T-shirts and hoodies to accessories.

In addition to the templates preset by Spreadshirt (for dark and light designs), you can create your own templates and save up to 20 templates in total:

  1. Upload a design or select an existing one.
  2. Add product types and edit the position and size of your designs on the individual products
  3. Set a standard color and/or exclude individual product colors
  4. Click on "Save as Template".
  5. Give your template a fitting name (35 characters max.).

You can easily use preset templates or templates you have created yourself when creating products. Upload a new design or edit an existing one. Click on "Load template" and then on "Apply" to select the template.

Templates for light and dark designs

To make sure that your designs come out great on all products, we have already preset two product templates for light and for dark designs. With these you e.g. avoid that a bright design ends up on a white product as it would be difficult to recognize. No matter if it’s a T-shirt, hoodie or a cup. This allows you to activate a wide range of products without having to check manually whether the contrast between design and product is good enough. This will also prevent dark designs printed on black products.

Update templates regularly

We keep adding new products to our range. Please note that these new products - such as kids' T-shirts - are not automatically added to your templates. Therefore always pay attention to our new products and keep your template up-to-date.