International Publishing

We want to make sure that your designs are able to gain wide international exposure. That's why you can also offer them in other languages and countries - as long as your designs are suitable and appeal to an international audience.

Translate design descriptions automatically

You can decide for each design individually whether it should be published internationally across countries. When entering the name, description and tags of your design, please do it in the language you used when signing up. We will automatically translate the information into all the languages of your platform. This means:

  • On the European platform, your designs will be offered on the Marketplaces in Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.
  • On the North American platform, your designs will be offered on the Marketplaces in the USA, Canada (English, French), and also Australia.

Once the automatic translation is complete, you can customize individual languages. Deactivating or deleting individual translations is not possible.

Which designs are suitable?

When publishing across countries, only the metadata of your designs is automatically translated (i.e. name, description, keywords), but not the design itself. This means that all designs are suitable for international publishing that either do without text or use easily understandable English. Appropriate designs will be marked by our design team during the review process and thus approved for international publishing.

An example:Julie from London creates a beautiful jungle design with little and very easy to understand text that she publishes on Since her design is suitable for the international market, she can have it automatically translated into other languages and thus publish it across countries.

Designs for international publishing

If a design targets a specific language group that is spread across country borders (e.g. German speakers in Austria and Switzerland), language-specific designs will be published automatically in these selected countries – regardless of whether you have this design automatically translated into other languages.

An example: Peter from Austria creates a fun T-shirt with a German slogan. Customers from Germany or Switzerland may be interested as well, so it will be automatically offered on and, but not on other domains.

Here’s a list of languages and corresponding countries for international publication based on languages:

German Germany Austria Switzerland
English Great Britain Ireland  
French France Switzerland Belgium
Dutch Netherlands Belgium  
Italian Italy Switzerland  
US English USA Canada Australia