Why do we have the Spreadshirt Star Academy?

The Spreadshirt Star Academy supports you in marketing your designs. Based on your previous sales and the quality and relevance of your designs for the Marketplace, you will be awarded the rank of a star class. There are five star classes in total, and each one unlocks new benefits and opportunities for you. You can view your current star class in the Partner Area.

What does the Spreadshirt Star Academy offer me?

The "Spreadshirt Star Academy" rewards Designers who create high-quality and relevant content with good sales figures. In this way, we actively ensure that only the best designs are offered on the Marketplace – i.e. those that are in high demand with our customers.

By reaching a higher star class, your publishing limit changes as you get the chance to publish more designs per account. This is to encourage Designers to focus on their best designs in the beginning. It will make the Marketplace clearer and more attractive for everyone.

The amount of the limit depends on your star class. If you qualify for a higher star class with your designs in your first star class, you can continue to move up with good sales and relevant designs. With each additional star class, the limit reduces or is completely removed. Depending on the star class you have specific advantages:

  • Spreadshirt campaigns: We feature your designs in our newsletters, social media channels, or on our external marketplaces.
  • Instant publishing: Your designs will be available for sale within minutes of being published.
  • International publishing: Your designs will be published on all our domains and in all platform languages (if suitable).

What are the criteria for being assigned a star class?

Your star class is determined by your sales numbers, the relevance of your designs, and the number of your designs that were rejected.

Sales figures

You can read how many design sales you need to advance to a higher star class in the individual Star Class FAQs. An example: To become a Space Captain, you need to publish 10 designs and sell at least 100 designs.

All Marketplace sales that have the status "Earnings Credited" in your sales statistics are added to your credit balance. Sales from your Shops, external marketplaces or the Create-Your-Own area are not taken into account. This also applies to orders that haven't yet been fully completed, have only recently been shipped, cancelled or returned.


The relevance criterion is used to check whether your designs stand out positively. An example: To become an Astronaut, you need to publish 10 designs, and five of them should be considered unique and inspiring by our design team in terms of quality and sales opportunities.

This overview shows you how to reach the individual star classes:

Star Class 1:


Star Class 2:


Star Class 3:


Star Class 4:

Space Captain

Star Class 5:

Master of the Galaxy

Publish more than 10 designs ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
5 of your designs are considered unique and inspiring ✖️ ✖️ ✔️ ✖️ ✔️
Achieve min. 100 sales ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ ✔️ ✔️

Additionally, we check the number of designs that were rejected based on our Community Standards and rules. As a result, these values are combined when calculating your classification for a star class. You can find out which advantages and possibilities the individual star classes have in store for you here.

Once you have achieved a star class, you can't lose it again. The Spreadshirt Star Academy knows only one direction: up to the top. Only exception: Lost in Space

What does "Lost in Space" mean?

If you stray off course and we have to reject too many of your designs, since they conflict with our Community Standards or rules, you risk receiving a "Lost in Space" status. More information can be found here.

We have compiled and answered other questions related to the introduction of the Spreadshirt Star Academy here, especially those concerning Designers who have been with us for some time.