Using metadata properly

Your metadata determine your visibility and success online. So you’ve got great designs? Then make sure that people can find them.

Important: Metadata - the written description of your design - should be as customer-oriented as possible. Imagine a user who doesn't know your designs yet and enters what he is looking for in a search engine. Avoid stringing together keywords and repetitions as this may be regarded as spam by search engines.

Design name: short and clear

The name of your design should be a tell-tale title, as short and clear as possible. It should describe the design accurately and be different from the names of your other designs (and your competition). One to three words and under 35 characters are perfect. Your design name will be displayed in two particular places:

  • In the title of the Google search results that link to your products
  • On the detail page and in the list view with your designs

If the design name fits both situations, you’re in the money.

Design description: unique and specific

Your design description will help you increase your chances of appearing in the search results of potential customers. Write an easy to read and coherent text about your design. Describe your design visuals while addressing your target group directly.

An example: ”Baby’s first birthday" – "Celebrate with your children and their best friends. This design could be the star of your next birthday party. Happy Birthday“.

So this is where you’ve got the space to toot your own horn. You’ve got 200 characters to say how great your design looks. You should use at least 130 to 160 so that search engines can use your description in their search results. You should avoid generic text blocks like "birthday, gift, funny, ...". The Internet is full of it and it won’t help your customers.

Tips: Do not write anything about the product itself – e.g. the T-shirt on which you have placed your design. We've done that already. Because metadata is so important to your sales success, it's always worth reviewing the names and descriptions of your designs. Even of previously published designs. Ask yourself: “Would I be convinced as my own customer?”

Design keywords: crisp and precise

The keywords you choose feed our Marketplace search engine. Choose the keywords carefully and always think of your target group – what terms would they use to search for your design? Use at least three words to describe the design visuals. Separate keywords with enter or comma. A distinction between singular and plural is not necessary. Avoid double entries of words.

Keywords mustn’t violate third party rights or registered trademarks. Information about registered trademarks and their scope of protection can be found on the following website:

Global selling is easy with Spreadshirt

If your design can be used in other languages, we will automatically offer it on different Spreadshirt Marketplace domains. The metadata will be automatically translated for you. There's only one thing you need to do for this to work: Please create the metadata in the language in which you set up your account. If your account is set up in e.g. English, fill in the metadata in English. Good luck!