Digital Direct

Digital direct is our go-to method. There’s almost nothing that can’t be printed using this method. It’s the standard choice for most of our products. Your design is printed directly onto the product, just like an inkjet printer. This is why we call it “Digital Direct” printing Here are the benefits:

  • Available for all file formats
  • Smooth surface thanks to dyed-in-fabric prints
  • No order minimums

Especially Sustainable: Digital Direct as Print-on-Demand

The majority of digital direct orders are produced using our Kornit Atlas printers. These printers use absolutely water-free printing technology and 100% non-toxic biodegradable inks. This makes digital direct in combination with print-on-demand, one of the most resource-conscious options in the industry. We only print an item once it’s been ordered, which minimizes overproduction and excess waste.

Tested for You: Print Results, Fabric Quality, and Durability

Before a product is available for digital direct in our assortment, it’s first tested in-house. During this process, we test how well the fabric works with our printers and the ink. Like how brilliant the color and color fastness is, as well as durability. To answer these questions, new products must withstand 10 washes without losing colour intensity.