Creating products with several print areas

When designing your products, you have up to four print areas available: Front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve. The following article will explain how to create products while keeping a keen eye on your target group.

How multiple print areas work

Designing products with several print areas is not too different from just using just one print area. In your design overview, click on "Upload more designs" to create a product. Then you’ll be able to either upload another design or create a product with several print areas. These two actions can’t be combined. Now click on “Create products with several print areas”.

Next up, you can choose to place your designs on different print areas. You can utilize one design per print area. If you use all four print areas, we will only show you products that have four print areas. When you select only two designs, you will get products with only two print areas. Then a bigger choice will be available.

Go ahead and work on your product as usual: Click on the design, select its size and position, and choose your product color. Move the designs back and forth between the individual print areas to arrange them the way you want.

Your price matters

The first print area is included with every product. Each additional print area will be charged additionally and consists of the printing costs for the printing types as well as the design price. Depending on the product, the additional design price per print area will be credited to you.

Please note: Any additional design price, as well as additional printing costs, will be added to the retail price. As a result, a product with multiple print areas in the Marketplace is significantly more expensive than a product with only one print area.

Our tip: Experience shows that many Marketplace visitors don’t recognize the difference between products with one or more print areas. Usually it’s the price that has the biggest influence on a purchase decision. This is why products with multiple print areas are ordered much less frequently. Be sure to choose your print areas wisely.