Earning Money with Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is proud to offer the industry’s biggest commission payout. You have two options to cash in on your designs: become a Shop Owner or a Marketplace Designer (or both!)

  • Shop Owners handle their own traffic and marketing and can earn up to 60% commission on their sales.
  • Marketplace Designers benefit from Spreadshirt’s traffic and marketing and earn their design price with every sale.

Shop Owners: Three Ways to Earn

1. Affiliate Commission

Earn an Affiliate Commission equal to 20% of the print price + the product price for every product you sell in your Shop.

2. Design price

Add a design price to your product and earn the design price value in addition to the 20% Affiliate Commission for every product sold. You can set a design price of up to $20.

3. Volume Commission

Earn up to 40% of each sale with Spreadshirt’s Volume Commission. Volume Commission levels are based on the number of products sold in your Shop during a one-month campaign period.

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Marketplace Designers: Name your design price

As a Marketplace Designer, you decide what your designs are worth. Every time a customer purchases a product with one of your designs, you earn the amount you set. Your design price is calculated into the final sale price and credited to your account with each sale.

Showroom: Your designs take center stage

The Showroom is all about you and your designs. Here, you can showcase the designs you have published on the Marketplace, just like you would in a gallery. Upload your own profile picture and cover image to give the Showroom a more personal touch. Add links to your social media channels. Share your story with your customers. Become a Marketplace Designer or read on.

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