Payment of your commission

We balance accounts with you once a month for all Shop sales, Marketplace sales and Volume Commission earnings. We usually process the accounts for your earnings (generated in the previous month) by the end of the third week of the current month. At this point, you will be notified by email. As a rule - and depending on bank handling times - you should have received your money by the end of the month.

There is a minimum amount that must be accrued to receive a payout, which is based on the currency used in the shop. If your currency is USD, a minimum balance of at least $10 in earnings is required for payout. You can find the minimum amount of earnings required for payout for other currencies in this overview.

Where do you send my earnings?

To receive your payouts, add your payout details under Account > Account settings > Bank Details so that we can pay you.

There are two payment options: direct deposit to a US Bank account or a PayPal transfer. Direct deposit only allows us to transfer earnings in US dollars. Using PayPal allows us to transfer in any currency. If you have specified a PayPal account, payout will be made in the currency of your shop.

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