Website integration with JavaScript

If you have your own website in which the shop is to be embedded, you can do this with JavaScript. To do this you must adapt the following code (which you can also find here):

<div id="myshop"></div> <script> var spread_shop_config= { "shopName" : "[shopID]", "locale" : "[shop language_locale]", "prefix" : "//shop.spreadshirt.[shop domain]", "baseId" : "myshop" }; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="//shop.spreadshirt.[shop_domain]e/shopfiles/shopclient/shopclient.nocache.js"></script>

You can find the relevant information in your shop overview . Under "Shop settings" you can find the Shop ID and name, and under "Language" you can find the abbreviation for the language. Under "Shop & seller" you can determine the abbreviation for locale.

Here are some examples

Country Language_Locale Shop Domain
USA us_US com
Canada en_CA ca
French Canada fr_CA ca/fr

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