Why am I "Lost in Space"?

We will set your status to "Lost in Space" if you repeatedly violate our rules or Community Standards or the rejection rate of your designs is more than 10%. You will then no longer be able to use the advantages and possibilities of your star class.

What does "Lost in Space" mean?

With the status "Lost in Space" you lose the advantages and possibilities of your star class:

In doing so, we want to ensure that only designs that offer our customers real added value are published on the Marketplace.

How do I get my star class back?

There are two ways to get out of "Lost in Space" status and return to your previous star class:

  1. Try to make the most of your publishing limit of 50 designs and get your rejection rate back below 10%. Just publish a lot of good designs!
  2. If this is not possible, write an email to and explain how the violation of our rules occurred. Our team will then look at the reasons for the rejections and get in touch with you.

When we unlock your star class again, you will get all the benefits and capabilities of your original star class back.