Star Class 5: Master of the Galaxy

You are like a shining star on the horizon, and no one can get past you. If you want to be even more successful, you know perfectly well how to accomplish it. As a Master of the Galaxy, 5 of your designs have been classified as unique and inspiring, and you’ve sold 100 or more designs. Now all the benefits and opportunities of the Spreadshirt Star Academy are waiting for you:

  • You will receive invitations to exclusive Spreadshirt Events and a closed Facebook group where you can exchange with experts and others. Here you'll find out sooner than anyone else about the new and exciting stuff that’s going down in the Marketplace.
  • The FanArt Program invites you to create designs for selected Licensing Partners. Get creative and use well-known brands from the media and pop culture for your own designs – all legit and free of charge. The countdown is on: Soon we will start with Smiley, one of the Internet’s favorite icons. 😁
  • There is no publishing limit for you, so you can publish an unlimited number of designs with your account on the Marketplace.
  • You can publish your designs internationally (if suitable), i.e. on all languages and domains of your platform to maximize your target audience.
  • Instant Publishing is enabled for you, so your designs are available for sale within minutes of publishing.
  • Your designs can be promoted as part of our exclusive Spreadshirt campaigns.
  • You will receiveexclusive success tips via email, all tailored to the needs of your star class.

You’ve mastered the Star Academy like a pro. Congrats! If you climb even higher now, you’ll be out of this world. When publishing your designs in the future, make sure that they do not violate our rules or Community Standards. If your designs are rejected too often, we will freeze the benefits of your star classes and you will be assigned the Lost in Space status.

You can find the details of each star class with all its advantages and possibilities here.