DTF - Transfer printing

DTF printing ("Direct-to-Film") has your design digitally printed onto a carrier film and then pressed onto the product under heat. The advantages are:

  • brilliant prints, including fine lines
  • absolutely colourfast
  • extreme durability

For special materials – direct-to-film

The DTF process is especially suitable when a tougher material is being printed. Caps and bags are a prime example here. We also use the direct-to-film process instead of digital-direct printing with the particularly fine fibres of polyester shirts.

Here's what you need to keep in mind with your designs

For perfect print result with the direct-to-film method, your designs need a few prerequisites.

  • transparent backgrounds
  • best possible resolution
  • semi-transparency
  • no line thickness less than 1 mm

Your design is in good hands

Not sure if the DTF process is right for your product? No problem. We understand our craft and will find the right type of printing for every material. We’ll make sure to get the best out of your design.