Publishing Limit

Each higher star class has a publishing limit, which determines the number of published designs per account. This is to encourage Designers to focus on their best designs to keep the Marketplace clear and attractive for everyone.

How can I increase my publishing limit?

The publishing limit is an important part of the Spreadshirt Star Academy. Only those who publish relevant and high-quality designs can advance to a higher star class. As a Starter, you need to first qualify for promotion to a higher star class with 10 published designs. Our design team will check these 10 starter designs for their relevance and sales chances for the Marketplace and promote you to a higher star class.

What is my publishing limit?

The publishing limit depends on your star class. If you climb higher and higher due to good sales as well as unique and inspiring designs, your limit will also increase or be lifted completely.

Starter (10 published designs)
Pilot Astronaut Space Captain Master of the Galaxy


200 500 Unlimited Unlimited

Once you have achieved a star class, you can't lose it again. Unless your designs have been rejected multiple times for violating our Community Standards or rules. If your rejection rate is over 10%, we will assigned the Lost in Space status, and your publishing limit will be reduced to 50 designs.