Digital printing

Digital printing is the ideal printing technique for photos and colorful designs which have gradients. This printing technique does not last as long as flex and flock. The colors fade over time.

Digital Direct Printing

  • Print with computer-operated digital print, ideally suited for large-scale prints.
  • Colors are sprayed on and made durable with a hardener. The fabrics can still be felt when touching the design.
  • Results in a relaxed “vintage look”. The design looks a bit faded, don’t expect brash colors.
  • Digital Direct Printing can be printed on the front and backside of T-shirts, and the front and the backside of some hoodies.

How do I get the best results with digital printing?

  • With photos: an unlimited number of colors are available for the design; color gradients are possible.
  • For designs with more than 3 colors and with color gradients.

What should I be aware of when using digital printing?

  • The design must be uploaded as a pixel graphic. Requirements for pixel graphics
  • Colors fade over time.
  • Digital prints can only touch other design elements of the same print. It will not adhere to any other print type.

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