Digital Printing

Your design deserves the best possible print result. That’s why we print on most of our products with the standard digital direct print method. This holds many advantages, e.g.:

  • Available for all file formats
  • Brilliant print results
  • Smooth surface thanks to dyed-in-fabric prints

Digital Direct

Laundry test for best print results

Before adding a product to our range, we put it through a comprehensive test phase to ensure that it lives up to our high standards of digital direct print results. We accept nothing but brilliant prints with a realistic reproduction of colors. Products need to get through a cycle of ten washes without the print losing its color saturation. This is the best way to establish quality assurance.

The ideal print method for any product

Products unsuitable for digital direct printing will be adorned by means of e.g. plot printing. This is particularly true for items with a low cotton-fibre content, bags and backpacks, as these can’t be handled in the printing press.

Settings for brilliant colors

Colors on your display may look different from the actual print. If your display hasn’t been calibrated to ensure color fidelity, the print result is more likely to meet your expectations if the colors on your screen look a bit too garish/loud.

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