Flex and Flock Printing

With our plot printing methods, your design is first cut out of various foils with a plotter, then weeded by hand with a great deal of dexterity before it’s pressed onto the product by applying high pressure and heat. Several foils are used that not only differ in colour but also in feel.

Our flex, flock and special films are particularly suitable for texts and logos with up to three colours. If your designs consist of more than one colour, we put the individual design components together like a puzzle before pressing.

Only designs or texts that meet the following conditions are suitable for foil printing:

  • Maximum 3 colours per design or text (special flex only one colour)
  • The template needs to be a vector graphics file
  • No colour gradients or transparencies

Flex print

Flex-print films are available in many different colours. Flex print has a smooth glossy finish and convinces in terms of colour brilliance, even after many washing cycles. As it is flexible and hard-wearing, it is particularly suitable for stretchy fabrics. Turbo flex is used on breathable fabrics.

Flock print

Fock print, on the other hand, is velvety soft and protrudes slightly from the product due to its fluffy surface structure. It looks really good on all cotton products and is just as hard-wearing as flex print.

Special flex

Our special flex print is a real visual highlight. Thanks to various special foils, you can make your design glittery or glow-in-the-dark. Please note: Only one colour per text or design is possible with special flex.