Screen printing

Screen printing is the ideal print method for your bulk order. As the name suggests, the design is applied to the product through a screen. This makes screen print particularly cost-effective when printing large quantities.

One screen for each colour

Screen printing is one of the oldest types of printing, and it is still practiced today as a traditional craft. There’s a simple trick: Each colour of your design is applied to the product with its own screen. We can print up to 5 colours. Depending on the design, up to 5 screens are produced before the actual printing ― regardless of whether one or a thousand items ― are printed in the end. That's why screen printing is a great consideration for large quantities. We make screen printing available from a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces.

This results in the following requirements for your design:

  • Your design needs to have a vector graphic formatting
  • It has 5 colours max.
  • The minimum order quantity is 20 identical items

Your advantages

What's all the screen-printing fuss about, you may wonder? It’s easy: A perfect combination of quality and price make it a no-brainer. Screen printing delivers brilliant print results, vibrant colours and a textile feel that just feels right. And: The more you order, the cheaper the single print.

You’ll find more information about screen printing here.