Finding the Right Size

You've found the perfect design and now you're wondering what size to pick. Our product pages offer quick and relevant information. The following explanations will make it a lot easier to choose the proper size(s):

How does the size fit?

Size specifications of the individual manufacturers may vary. That’s why we always indicate whether a product is smaller, larger or a perfect fit. We collect information from our customers on how a product fits so that you can use this feedback as a means of orientation.

Size chart

This size chart helps you to easily find the right size for yourself. Here’s a tip: spread out your favourite piece of clothing on the floor. Then use measuring tape to determine height (A), width (B) and length (C). Compare these measurements with our size chart and identify your size.

Size for UK (women only)

Depending on the country, data for women's sizes may differ considerably from international sizes. Our table will help you compare sizes so you can easily find the right fit. Just select your country and compare your size with the corresponding international size.

Product description

You can find additional information about the fit or the cut – i.e. whether the garment is more form-fitting or loose – in the individual product descriptions on our website.