How sustainable is print-on-demand?

Spreadshirt uses the best printers available on the market for its print production. These not only produce brilliant print results, but also long-lasting and particularly sustainable products that perfectly match the quality characteristics of print methods such as offset printing. Print-on-demand is fundamentally more sustainable than conventionally mass-produced goods:

  • Since we only produce to order, there is never any overproduction that may have to be disposed of as waste.
  • Our new Digital Direct printers use completely non-toxic and biodegradable inks, operate waterless and are therefore among the most environmentally friendly digital printing technologies on the market.
  • With our sustainability claim, you score points with customers who attach great importance to conscious shopping, and who value products with a small ecological footprint.

What are the benefits of print-on-demand?

The print-on-demand production procedure is associated with many advantages:

  • You can start immediately, free of charge, risks and without any investments to earn commissions with every order.
  • Once you have uploaded your design, you can offer it for sale on over 120 pieces of clothing and accessories
  • You don't have to worry about stock-keeping or logistics – Spreadshirt prints, packs, and ships directly for you
  • Spreadshirt takes over the complete service, from order processing to payment process and complaint management