Creating products for your designs

We’ll show you how to find the right products for your designs. Prepare your designs for printing with optimized designs. This ensures the prints come out great and your customers are happy.

You can place your designs on over 140 Marketplace products – from clothing for children and adults, to accessories and articles for home & living. What products you publish your designs on is mainly influenced by your target group. This is important to make your customers fall in love with what you offer.

Your target group is decisive

If your designs are aimed at men, women or kids, but also work on accessories such as mobile phone covers or cushions, you can make the most of the product range. Important: make sure you offer an attractive mix of products. The important thing is to trigger a "must have" reflex with your customer – and this works best when designs and products form a coherent picture. Sometimes less is more! You should consider deactivating some products whenever they make your offer confusing.


  • If you’ve specialized in designs for kids, activate kids’ products only. The Marketplace offers you a large selection of different kids products: T-shirts, hoodies, pillows, posters, mugs, bags and much more.
  • Let’s say you’re offering designs with an environmental context, an obvious choice would be products made of organic cotton. Your target group will thank you for being able to quickly find the right products. Remember it's not about which products you like the most, but which products your target group potentially looks for.

Choosing products

Upload your designs first. Decide on a sales channel if you run several and then click on "Edit product selection". In a matter of clicks, you put together the right products for your target group. Browse the (sub)categories for men, women, children, babies or accessories and select or deselect all products by clicking on them. Having finished your product selection, you can now edit the individual products. Important: to ensure that your designs can be found, don't forget to add a design description and keywords.

Show colour

You’ve invested a lot of effort in creating your designs. It’s important to make sure that your design colours are set off against the right colour background, i.e. the right product colour. You can do this by clicking on a product during product design and adjusting the colour selection.

Choose a standard colour to define how the product is presented on the Marketplace. You can also disable individual colours. This is useful when the colour contrast between design and product is low. A typical example is avoiding placing a dark design on a black product or a light design on a white product. Using Product templates will help you automate these steps and save time. You can adjust and create a product template to pick up on your own colour style and just use the colours you like.

Placing designs correctly

Customers don’t like designs that are incorrectly placed. Most products in the Marketplace are bought as they are (without customisation). Customers do not readjust the way you’ve arranged your designs on the product. They tend to proceed to checkout with them without making changes. This is why it’s important to adjust the size and position as nicely as possible.

Be sure to consider your design’s horizontal and vertical alignment and that the design is neither too small nor too large. You can easily set it up in a matter of clicks and even automated with Product templates.

On clothing, most designs work best when placed in the middle and at chest height. On smaller products such as coasters, cups or caps, you should make sure that detailed designs are shown as large as possible. Then the design details come out best.