Increase sales with the Showroom

With the Showroom, you increase the chances of selling your designs – in three different ways:

  1. By linking to your Showroom, you increase the visibility for your designs – take advantage of this opportunity.
  2. We regularly feature good designs and attractive Showrooms in our campaigns as part of the Spreadshirt Star Academy.
  3. If your customers like one of your designs, they may like the others as well. With your own Showroom you can present your designs neatly and sorted by topics.

Your Showroom as a catwalk

Your Showroom should reflect you and your designs. Take some time and think about which colors, images and texts best express the special nature of your designs. Next to a header, you can add social media links, a short description and topics to your Showroom.

Let's start with your Spread Name, which is also the name of the showroom and defines the URL of your showroom: Choose a catchy name that fits you and your designs. This way you will be found more easily on Google and other search engines. You can change your Spread name in your account by clicking the Edit symbol at the bottom left.

Edit Showroom

Log in to your Partner Area and click on the green heart symbol that stands for your "Showroom". Now you can see a preview of your Showroom. You can edit it in real time.

  1. Your own header: Upload a header image to give your Showroom a personal touch (max. 2400px x 600px. 2 MB, *.png oder *.jpg). Be careful not to visually clutter the header or to cut off elements of the image. The header should welcome your visitors and not distract from the main thing – your designs.
  2. Profile picture: Show your customers and fans the face behind your designs. E.g. with a photo, logo or illustration. A circular cutout of your profile picture will be shown. An image with the dimensions 130px x 130px (max. 2 MB, *.png oder *.jpg) works best.
  3. Short description: Introduce yourself briefly and tell your fans who you are, what’s special about your designs and what your visitors can expect.
  4. Topics: Create topics to sort your designs more neatly. You can choose from up to 20 topics with 200 designs each. Your topics are displayed in the navigation bar of your Spreadshop as an additional menu item. Topics can be arranged in any order, deactivated or deleted.
  5. Social Media Icons: Connect your Showroom to your social media channels and website. This makes if easier for your fans to follow you.

A lovingly arranged and well-stocked Showroom puts your designs in a good light. It also increases the chance that we will feature your Showroom in our marketing campaigns, meaning free advertising for your designs.