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Taxation of Your Earnings

Tax on profits

Earnings generated through Spreadshirt need to be declared to the financial authorities. Please check with your accountant to clarify how you are required to declare your earnings.

If the country in which you are resident/based is not Germany, then it may be necessary to deduct some tax from the payment amount. For more information on the deduction of tax, please refer to this article

Turnover tax

If you are not a resident in Germany, the tax liability is transferred to Spreadshirt according to ยง13b of the German VAT law (so-called reverse charge procedure). Therefore, you will receive your remuneration without value added tax. We do not show sales tax on your invoice.

Partners in the EU

We need your EU VAT identification number. To do this, please send us the following form to confirm a non-German EU VAT identification number.

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