Express Delivery

Sometimes you need things fast. Our express delivery service helps here. You will find the express delivery option in the checkout area whenever the country of destination complies with our express service.

Express delivery inside Europe

Express deliveries within Europe usually take 2 to 3 business days. Delivery may take up to 3 days longer, in case one of the following reasons apply.

Possible reasons for a delayed delivery:

  • The delivery address is in a location that’s hard to reach (e.g. mountains, islands or remote areas). If this should be the case, delivery may take up to 5 days.
  • It will take an extra day in cases where there is a public holiday in any of the countries that handle delivery. Please note that weekends can lead to delivery delays as well.
  • You are placing a substantial order. Please refer to the calculated delivery time in the checkout section for information on the estimated time of delivery.
  • You’ve chosen to pay in advance. Express deliveries will be prompted as soon as the amount has reached our account. Delivery will be deferred to a date approx. 3 workdays later. We recommend paying with PayPal, credit card or a debit entry to avoid the delay.
  • The country of delivery is outside the EU (e.g. Norway). This is why there may be delays due to customs clearance.

Costs for express delivery

Costs for express deliveries vary depending on the country of delivery. Receive more detailed information in our article on delivery times and costs by selecting the delivery country in the menu. If you don’t find any indication of express deliveries to the country in question, please get in touch with our Service Team. We’ll be glad to find a tailor-made solution for you.

Your express delivery - any questions?

Should our express delivery prove unsuccessful, please refer to your order number when contacting our Service Team. Help us get in touch with you by giving us your telephone number so we can easily reach you during our working ours.

Products excluded from express shipping

  • Posters (neither express nor premium shipping)
  • Products you have designed with embroidery.