Printing Costs for Personalised Products by Spreadshirt

In Spreadshirt’s Create-Your-Own Area, there is a standard printing fee in place for any one area. Within your chosen print area, you can place as many designs and text as you like for no extra cost. In addition to our standard printing fee, a design price may occur. Depending on what the creator of the design has set as a charge, it may range from €0 to €15 per design. The design price will be shown in the Design Tool.

Print areas

Smartphone cases and accessories like mugs, caps and beanies only have a single print area. You can print on several areas of most pieces of clothing, usually on the front, back and sleeves (or a hoodie’s hood). For each print area you personalise, a fixed rate for printing and a design price (if set by the designer) apply.

Here you can get an idea of what your product (with design and/or text) may cost. These prices apply to the Create-Your-Own area and merely serve as a guide.

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