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Printing Costs for Personalised Products by Spreadshirt

The price for your Spreadshirt product is made up of the product price (ex. a T-Shirt), the printing costs and a design price, if applicable. The design price is only for community designs and does not apply when you add your own text, upload designs or use designs marked as "free".

Here’s how the printing costs are determined

Every product has at least one print area that you can personalise with designs and text. For each print area used, a standard printing fee will apply (see example calculation). You can place as many designs and text lines as you like within each print area free of charge. Only the standard printing fee will apply.

You can print on several areas of most pieces of clothing, usually on the front, back and sleeves (or a hoodie’s hood). Each additional print area is subject to the standard printing fee.

Design prices for community designs

In the Create Tool, you’ll find free designs as well as designs from independent designers. These designs are subject to charge. They have a fixed design price which is paid directly to the designer (see example calculation. If you use the same community design several times on one product, you will only be charged once for it. The design price is shown in the Customize Tool.

Example calculation

Here you can see how much a Men’s Premium Shirt with two print areas would cost in the Customize Tool with one free and one community design.

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