Rejection Reasons for Designs

We can only accept designs that meet certain quality criteria and appeal to a wide range of potential customers. Therefore we check each uploaded design and will reject designs (prior to publication) if one of the following reasons apply. If you have any questions as to why your design was rejected, please get in touch with our legal service:

  • Rights unaccounted for
  • Copyright
  • Community Standards
  • Design Quality
  • Marketplace Standards

Rights unaccounted for

We reject a design when we find it online without being able to associate it with you. Even if your design should be marked as “public domain content” with a third-party provider, we need to reject it for our Marketplace. This is because the usage rights and trademarks of third party providers are often unclear or not easily understood. We are also eager to avoid multiple publications. If you should indeed hold the rights to the design we rejected based on the reasons mentioned above, please do get in touch.



Designs subject to third-party copyrights cannot be printed unless you hold a permission to do so. This also applies to designs you created featuring elements of copy-protected designs. Learn More

Picture mark

In order to avoid legal repercussions and severe punitive damage claims, we cannot accept designs showing registered image marks. The copyrights for this protected image material also apply to parodies, as these may be mistaken for the original and thus infringe trademarked material. The classification code relevant to clothing and shoes is Nice 25.

Word mark

In order to avoid legal repercussions and severe punitive damage claims, we cannot accept designs showing registered word marks. Use the online platform TMview to find out whether your idea has already been registered as a word mark in the International (Nice) Classification Code. The classification relevant to clothing and shoes is Nice 25.

Personal rights

Designs and depictions of real-life people infringe personality rights. Any such designs will be rejected. Personality rights remain in place for 10 years following the person’s death.

New legal regulation

Because legal regulations are subject to change, we must often delete designs from our platform, even if they have been online for a while. This is why we are unable to provide a guarantee for a design to stay on our platform.

Community Standards

Violation of Community Standards

We reject designs violating our community standards if they contain illegal content, hate speech, pornography or glorified violence. We also reserve the right to remove sensitive content or restrict its visibility if it defies child and youth protection, or if it benefits the demands of our diverse community.

Violation of the law

Content prohibited by law cannot be printed.

Design Quality

Not (completely) cropped

For the Marketplace, we don’t accept designs with a background (except for non textiles). Please make sure to rid your design completely of its background, remaining pixel artefacts or sloppy borders.

Bad resolution

Pixel graphics published in the Marketplace should be of sufficient quality to realise good print results. Please make sure your designs have sufficient resolution and aren’t pixellated. Find out more about pixel graphics requirements.


Semi-transparent designs will result in poor digital direct printing quality on coloured products. Digital direct printing requires spraying a base-layer beneath the design in order to bring the colours out better. Semi-transparent designs would make this sub-layer visible and create an unpleasant grey fog. Try adding flecks of colour to the appropriate areas of your design.

Design is blurry

Designs lacking sharpness or blurred Marketplace designs will not be cleared since print results are bound to look bad. Find out more about pixel graphics requirements.

Contrast problems

Low contrast designs are often hard to make out. Only upload designs rich in contrast and colour.

Wrong vectorisation

If you vectorised your design automatically, it is possible that some areas came out untidy. Sometimes edges are rounded, parts are deformed or anchor points are newly set. This may lead to unpleasant shapes or irregularities displayed in a font.


If we come across obvious typos, we will reject the design in question. It will give you a chance to correct it and upload it again.

Marketplace Standards


Our Marketplace is a distinguished playground of ideas created by the community. This is what distinguishes us from other platforms specialising in photo prints. That’s why we can’t accept simple photo snapshots unless the image has been edited to reflect an artistic approach of sorts. Designs for smartphone cases and posters are the exception.

Highly personal design

Please don’t upload any designs with highly personal or specific content like names, birth dates, email or website addresses. This type of design isn’t interesting for people searching the Marketplace, which means it won’t sell.

Description inappropriate

You are looking for “birthday” and expect designs featuring cakes and balloons, but end up finding city names and iguanas? That’s why sensible tagging is most desirable. Your sales possibilities will improve if as long as people actually find what they are looking for. Your tags should be in line with your designs by a ratio of 1 in 2 tags. If they aren’t, we won’t publish the designs on the Marketplace and may delete them at a later point in time.

Series of designs

We reject series of designs in which only a few elements vary. For example, a series of designs like “Vintage since YEAR” (with all numbered years from 1901 to 2025) or “Five-Star JOB” (including all kinds of occupations from accountant to zookeeper) isn’t permissible.

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