Organizing Your Shop by Topics

The "Topics" function will provide a better overview of your Shop. If you offer a lot of designs, the Topics feature will neatly showcase your products. You’ll help your customers quickly find what they are really looking for. Check out this tutorial to see how it works:

We recommend using Shop Topics when offering at least twelve designs. You could e.g. put four designs in three different topics to organize these twelve designs. Shop visitors can then click their way through your offer via the additional Topics menu item in the Shop navigation. You can create a total of 25 topics. The first ten topics are visible to your customers in the Shop navigation.

You can adjust the arrangement of your topics in the settings (Page Settings > Topics). The order of a specific topic’s designs is determined by the order on the Product List Page. To change the order, click on Page Settings > Product List Page > Arrange items..

Individual topics can be deactivated and deleted without deleting designs.

Examples of topic arrangements:

  • contextual (e.g. animals, music, professions, etc...)
  • style (typography, funny, black & white, etc...)
  • occasions/holidays (Christmas, Halloween, birthday, etc...)
  • sales ranking/novelty (bestsellers, new additions, etc...)

When naming your Shop topics, you should have a few SEO requirements in mind. Browser add-ons such as Keyword Everywhere or the Keyword Planner from Google Adwords can help you. First, choose a theme name that best fits the associated designs. Then, check the search volume of this term. It doesn’t need to be super high, but it should still have more than ten monthly searches. You can also easily check on Google to see if your Shop topic is being searched for. Just enter the theme name along with "T-Shirt" and look at the number of hits. Please note: The more designs you add to a theme, the higher it will be ranked on Google.

Please note that the names of your Shop topics are not translated. So if you sell internationally with your Shop, you should choose universally understandable terms. In addition to that, the maximum length of a topic’s name should be 30 characters so they can be easily read on mobile devices.

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