Converting Pixel Graphics to Vector Graphics


We print pixel graphics in a digital printing process. If you want to use your pixel design for plotter printing, you must first convert it to a vector graphic. Some programs do the job automatically for you. Adobe Illustrator has an appropriate function called "Live Trace". If you use Corel Draw, use "Trace Bitmap".

Alternatively, you can carry out the conversion manually, or recreate the design by hand, so to speak. The Adobe "Pen tool" or the Corel "Freehand" tool are good tools for adjusting the desired lines and vertices with a mouse or a graphics tablet.

Are you a graphics novice?

The easiest way is to let our graphics service do the work. For only $19.99 per design they will create the motif you want based on the information you provide, or convert your original to an appropriate vector graphic. Learn more

If you want to make your own designs, but you still lack the necessary know-how, take one of our design tutorials to help you:

  1. Halloween pumpkin: video tutorial for Adobe Illustrator
  2. Cat motif: step-by-step guide with the free Inkscape program

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