Add the T-Shirt Designer to Your SpreadShop

You have a free SpreadShop and products created with your designs. You can add the T-Shirt Designer to your Shop and give your customers the opportunity to make adjustments to your products or design their own products. Simply log into your user account and open your SpreadShop’s administration by clicking the “Edit” button. Under the menu item “T-Shirt Designer”, you can add the designer with “Activate T-Shirt Designer“ to your Shop.

Under the heading “Shop”, your customers will find products created with your designs which they can now adjust. Under the heading “Create”, customers can make use of the T-Shirt Designer to create products.

Features of the T-Shirt Designer

You can choose to offer your customers the whole functionality of the T-Shirt Designer or deselect features you don’t want to offer. The following features are available:

  • Activate Spreadshirt Designs
    Use this feature to offer your customers all the designs available at Spreadshirt (and not only your own). It’ll give them a wider selection and improve your sales chances. If you sell the design of a different seller, you’ll receive the affiliate commission and the owner of the design will receive the design price
  • Activate Image Upload
    Allow your customers to upload their own pictures and graphics. This option is very popular for those creating gifts. After uploading the image, we’ll check it to make sure it will produce a high quality print
  • Activate Adding Text
    Allow your customers to add text to their products. Of course you can also combine texts and designs.

Money for Sales

For every sale in your Shop, you’ll receive an Affiliate Commission of 20% whether you have activated the T-Shirt Designer or not. Only the design price and delivery costs (and sale tax) are excluded from the 20% commission payment. If the design isn’t yours, the design price will be accredited to the owner.

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