Design price overview

As a Spreadshirt designer, you earn your money with the design price. The design price amount depends on the country of sale, product type and sales channel. Promo campaigns can reduce the design price.

Your sales channels at a glance

Each sales channel is aimed at different customer groups. In order to be able to offer fair and attractive prices on every sales channel, there is a separate commission model for each sales channel.

  • In the Marketplace, there is a uniform design price for all product types in a product category.
  • In the Customize Tool, where your Marketplace designs are also available, you will receive a fixed-rate commission for each product sold that features your design.
  • In some countries, we also offer your designs on external marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

The credit you accumulate by selling designs and products will be paid out to you according to our GTC. More information about payments can be found here.