Sorting Topics of Showroom Designs

You can organise the designs in your Showroom by topics to create a neater overview for your customers. When offering a lot of designs, organising them into subcategories will assure that your customers quickly find exactly what they want. Check out this video tutorial to see how it works:

You can create 20 topics with 200 designs each. As soon as you create a topic, another menu item appears in the top navigation of your Showroom. There, your customers can see all your topics and can filter them according to their wishes. You can arrange, deactivate or delete the topics in any order – without having your designs deleted, of course.

You could e.g. sort your topics like this:

  • contextual (e.g. animals, music, professions, etc...)
  • style (typography, funny, black & white, etc...)
  • occasions/holidays (Christmas, Halloween, birthday, etc...)
  • sales ranking/novelty (bestsellers, new additions, etc...)

Find fitting descriptions

Choose a theme name that best fits the associated designs. Try to imagine what terms your potential customers would use in their searches. Please keep in mind that the names of your Shop topics won’t be translated. If your Showroom is aimed at international customers, be sure to choose universally understandable terms. Please keep the names of your topics under 30 characters so that they can be easily read on mobile devices.