International Selling

We want to make sure that your designs are able to gain wide international exposure. This is why your Marketplace designs are not only offered in the country in which you are registered. They are automatically offered on our platform’s other Marketplaces, assuming they have an appeal to an international audience.

When entering the name, description and tags of your design, please do it in the language you used when signing up. The information will be translated into other languages. When you create a product, you’ll be notified again.

Cross-border languages

If your design appeals to countries speaking the same language (e.g. UK and Ireland), language-specific designs can be offered in these “country groups” automatically (see list below). Customers from the remaining countries of our platform will not be offered these designs, as they are in all likelihood not that relevant for them.

Exception: In cases where English-speaking designs are suited for an international audience and not too particular in terms of regional relevance, these can also be published in other countries.


Example 1: Julie

Julie from London creates a nice jungle design and publishes it on Since her design is suitable for the international market, it will automatically be published on all European pages (.de, .fr., etc.).

Example 2: Oisín

Oisín from Ireland creates a fun tee with an English slogan. As it may also be interesting for UK customers, it will automatically be offered on as well as on

Example 3: Rasmus

Rasmus from Sweden creates caps with clever slogans in Swedish. Outside Sweden, his products are of little interest.

Here’s a list of languages and corresponding countries for cross-country publication based on languages:

German Germany Austria Switzerland
English Great Britain Ireland
French France Switzerland Belgium
Dutch Netherlands Belgium
Italian Italy Switzerland
US English USA Canada Australia