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Spreadshirt’s Marketplace has experienced a tremendous growth over the past years, and has received many and diverse contributions in terms of themes and designs. We set great value upon freedom of speech, and this is why we will always allow our designers to upload whatever ideas they come up with (as long as they comply with legal provisions and universally accepted ethical conceptions). Not all Marketplace content is suitable for any age group or clothing (e.g. children’s clothing). This is why we have introduced new guidelines that make it easy to create suitable designs for children.

Of course, setting up these guidelines is bound to be subjective, but necessary to keep this category clean. We reserve the right to opt for or against admitting a design to a certain category when in doubt. SafeSearch is divided in 3 brackets:

  • 0+ Suitable for all age groups In this bracket you can only find those designs that do not show any violence, sexual content, insults, horror depictions or content of any vulgar or crude nature.
  • 12+ Suitable for children older than 12 years In this category you will find designs that may show a low degree of violence, legal drugs and mildly obscene or slightly scary designs.
  • 18+ Only suitable for adults Here you can find designs that show extreme violence, explicit sexual content, language of vulgar or crude nature and designs that show illegal drugs or could be considered scary.

Any uploaded design will be checked and divided into 3 categories. In order to do so, the design’s name, description and tags are examined automatically. When in doubt, a member of our design crew will have an eye on it to make sure that the design is assigned to the right category.

Information on which of the 3 age brackets can be found on the Detail Page. Please refer to the section on design and designer. If you come across a design that you think has been assigned to a wrong category, please use the report design link there to notify us.

All further questions concerning these guidelines will be addressed by our Designs Service Team.

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