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At Spreadshirt you can earn money with your own designs and products. There are three types of revenue streams: design price, which is what this article is about, affiliate commission and volume commission, graded according to sales volumes. We pay account balances, which you accumulate by selling your designs and products, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. You can find more information about payment of your account balance here.

Design price

You set a design price for each design you upload. The design price can range from £0 to £10 and is part of the final price a customer pays when buying a product with your design on it. The design price is credited to your account each time the design is sold.

We calculate your design price payment as follows:

The VAT applied to the final price depends on the county of delivery. This will affect your commission, as the following example for Germany, Norway and Sweden shows:

VAT rate in country of delivery DE
Price of men's t-shirt €13.99 €13.99 €13.99
+ Printing costs €4.50 €4.50 €4.50
+ Design price €3.00 €3.00 €3.00
= Final price to customer (incl. VAT.) €21.49 €21.49 €21.49
Net final price €18.06 €21.49 €17.19
Final price includes VAT €3.43 €0.00 €4.30
↳ of which the VAT component of the design price is €0.48 €0.00 €0.60
Your design price earnings (excl. VAT)* €2.52 €3.00 €2.40

* Your payment is normally subject to VAT. You must declare your income to the tax authorities. More on this in the help article Taxation of your income.

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