Put up graphics in your Shop

To show graphics in your SreadShop header, upload an image file here first.

Then go to Shop settings > SpreadShop > Advanced settings > HTML/CSS.

In the field where you enter the HTML, you need to add an ‘image tag’ now, and it looks like this:

<img src="" />

Add a link to your image now. It has the following structure:

  • [TLD] – is the Top Level Domain of your Shop. This can be .net, .com, .de, .fr.
  • [ShopName] – the name you have set for your Shop. In case you haven’t yet given your Shop a name, you can also use your Shop ID.
  • [Filename] – is the file’s name AFTER the upload. We will alter the file name and extend it by your Shop ID.

Here for an example of a final HTML snippet.

<img src="" />

Are you sure your HTML is still valid? You can check it out in the Validator to be sure.

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