Reviewing Designs Explained

Every design you upload for sale on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace will be reviewed by a member of our staff. This is how we ensure that our community guidelines and quality standards are maintained while protecting you as our Partner.

Duration of design review

Design review usually takes about 48 hours. The design status is set to “under review” during this time. Please note that the number of designs uploaded to Spreadshirt can fluctuate considerably. We review between 9,000 and 18,000 designs per day. Peak upload times typically occur in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and during the month of June. Design review during these peak times may take up to a week. We appreciate your patience during these peak periods.

Even if it takes a little longer, you can be sure that your design will definitely be reviewed. Your turn will come. Please be patient!

Difference between design reviews for the Marketplace and Shops.

Your sales channel determines when products with your newly-uploaded design will become available. Marketplace products will only be available once the design review has been completed. In your Shop, new designs are usually available straight away, as you are responsible for your content. But we will also be reviewing your Shop designs: If uploaded Shop designs contain copyrighted material or conflict with our our legal or ethical guidelines, the designs in question will subsequently be rejected and removed.

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