Reviewing Designs Explained

It’s easy to upload a design in your Partner Area without any delays. You can start right away to create products and choose your sales channels for these products.

As soon as you publish your design on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace or in your Shop, it will be manually reviewed by a member of our Design Team. This is how we ensure that our Community Guidelines while at the same time protecting you as our Partner.

Duration of design review

Most of your designs will already be available on the Marketplace and in your Spreadshop during the review process. The review can take up to 2 business days. We review about 10,000 designs a day. We’re working on decreasing the waiting period in the coming weeks.

Even if it takes a bit longer, you can be sure that your design will definitely be reviewed. Please bear with us and refrain from inquiring about status updates regarding the review - your turn will come. The less inquiries we need to tackle, the sooner we can review your design.

This applies to all designs: Even if your design has been published, changes in i.e. legal requirements or indications of a breach of our Community Guidelines may necessitate removing your design.

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